Frequently asked questions

To help when ordering Mysterious Mail as an unusual gift or a curiosity for your own amusement below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If you can’t find the information you’re after feel free to get in touch.

Mysterious Mail is a series of posts containing a collection of intriguing documents and artefacts that, when pieced together, reveal a remarkable tale. They are frequently bought as an unusual gift or as a curiosity for one’s own amusement. The recipient can enjoy the mystery mail as a narrative story or use their detective skills to work out the clues and get ahead of the plot before the next instalment arrives through the letterbox.

Yes. You will be asked to select this when ordering. You can either choose for it to appear in the first or last letter from the archive. You must choose one, we do not send any mysteries without the participant finding out who nominated them. If ordering for children it is your responsibility to make sure you have the parent or guardians consent.

The children’s mystery ‘Pharaoh’s curse’ can be completed by one or more people. It is an excellent experience for siblings, working together as a detective team. The final post comes with a certificate, one badge and a papyrus bookmark, you can add extra bookmarks and badges during the checkout process. All documents are addressed with the names of all the detectives who are assigned to the investigation.

You can choose a dispatch date during the checkout.  In the Uk, the first mailing will arrive a few days after dispatch.  We are still posting orders on a regular schedule. 

 For international orders, including the USA and Canada, the first mailing usually arrives two to three weeks after dispatch.  

Mailings are posted on a weekly basis, give or take a few days and dependant upon the postal services efficiency. 

UK – one payment of £3.95, covers all the mystery mails in the experience.

International- £18 we place each individual mystery mail into one package. This provides a more reliable delivery and enables them to be distributed to your detective at your own pace. 

Please email, if you require delivery in one package. 

As the story progresses, the solutions are revealed. The detective can try to get ahead of the plot, solve the clues, or just enjoy the mystery unfold. These are story-driven mysteries. Scrutinizing the evidence will uncover who is doing what, why, where and when. All will be revealed in the end.

Each mystery varies. You may come across puzzles, codes or cyphers. Mostly you will be using deductive reasoning and lateral thinking, and a good hunch can get you a long way.

The children’s mysteries are exciting and written in a non-threatening manner.  In the Pharaoh’s Curse, we are dealing with Egyptian history which contains theme’s relating to mummies, ceremonies and the afterlife, all the things kids seem to love. 7 to 12-years-old is recommended. 

The adult’s mysteries contains dark content but no offensive language or over gratuitous images. Minimum recommended age is 15+

Last dispatch date to guarantee delivery before Christmas is 16th of December. In the Checkout choose a dispatch date close to this. You can also opt for a “Do not open until 25/12/20” seal on the back of the first mailing.