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Mysterious Mail Privacy Policy

When entering our site we would like to make the experience a mystery but not our privacy policy. Below is the policy that covers what we do with the information we gather when you visit our site.
Your computers I.P address is captured to give us better information on the system you are using to browse the website.

Consent and email marketing

When entering your details to subscribe to our email services you are giving consent to receive emails from Mysterious Mail and we will send you a confirmation email. You can unsubscribe at any point. If you need any help to unsubscribe or require information about which list we currently hold your email on then please contact our Privacy Policy Officer at

Third-party services

We recommend you read the privacy policies of any third parties we use.
Companies we use on this website are
WordPress which the site is built on.
Mailchimp for gathering information from our email sign up forms.
Facebook for advertising
Google for Analytics of traffic flow along with Data studio, Tag manager and Optimise.

Woocomerce is used for the shopping cart

We use facebook pixel to track the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

We use Facebook and Google as third-party vendors, we may place cookies from the companies into our web browses into order to track information about advertising/marketing activity which will place ads based on your prior visits to the site. This helps us offer you discounts and special purchases.

Any links that you click on which lead to external sights, like social media, will immediacy put you under their privacy policies which we are not responsible for.

We take precautions to check that your data is stored in a way that is compliant with current regulation and do not sell any information we have gathered. We may use cookies on our site and currently use google analytics to track the traffic to the site and its behaviour.

Payment through PayPal uses a PayPal business account.
Credit cards information is taken through our secure SSL using stripe.

Age consent

This site is designed to be used by adults who are purchasing the products for the entertainment of children and families. If you let your child use this site you are giving them consent to do so.

Disclosure of information

If we are acquired or merge with any other company we will pass your information to them so you can continue to be notified of our products.

We may disclose your personal information if we are required by law to do so or if you violate our Terms of Service.

On occasions, we may make changes to the documents for clarification or to keep up with changes in the law and will notify you in our terms and conditions page if we do.

For further information or to access any personal data we hold please contact our Privacy Compliance Officer at

Mysterious Mail is a Trade name used by Outfoxthebox Ltd.
Company Number 11071620

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