Become the guardian of a disturbingly strange artefact

A raven delivering a mysterious mail to a letterbox in front of an old spooky mansion on a misty evening

A Most Peculiar Package

  • Your chosen Investigator unexpectantly receives documents and artefacts from an unsolved crime scene. Once examined, they understand why the following post, which consists of a mysterious package containing a small bizarre artefact, has been entrusted to their guardianship.  
  • In the first or the last mailing, choose to reveal that you were the person who nominated the Investigator. 
  • Suitable for 15+ Contains dark content but no offensive language or over gratuitous images.

Mailing One

An unexpected envelope arrives in the post.

The seal is broken and a surprising series of documents are discovered. A crime scene report, autopsy report, police diary notes, witness statements and a letter for your attention. 

An unexpected letter explains you have been nominated to receive an important artifact from a mysterious stranger.

correspondence from an organisation including login details to an online portal containing some disturbing and enlightening media.

Mailing Tw0

Delivery of the Peculiar artefact and a worrying final correspondence.

A Most Peculiar Package - Adult's Mystery Game

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