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Detective games, unexplained mysteries and cold case files. Curious tales, puzzles, conundrums and curios delivered to your door.

Looking for an unusual gift that will surprise your recipient and turn them into an armchair detective? 

Children’s Mystery Game

Our children’s mysteries are ideal gifts for grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sons and daughters who would enjoy learning about history by solving a mystery. As the story unravels, the younger detectives will become more and more engrossed in the tale, using clues and cyphers to cover the secrets that lay within these intriguing tales. 

Adults Mystery Game. 

If you want to send a gift that will slightly freak out a friend or a relative who is into escape games and detective stories, then choose our adult mystery, A Most Peculiar Package. As the story unfolds, they unlock a portal of disturbing media that reveals the true crime behind the unusual documents and artefacts they have received. 

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