Help a Marine Archaeologist search for the Lost City of Atlantis

Postal detective game for Children and Families

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Search for Atlantis

Discover a Journey through Ancient Greek Mythology that leads you to the location of the lost city of Atlantis.

• Three postings packed full of realistic artefacts and documents that make you feel like a genuine detective.

• Can be played by one or more investigators making it an excellent gift for one child or the whole family to play.

• Reveal your identity as the sender at the start (if it’s a gift) or at the end – to keep them in suspense.

• Recommended Puzzle difficulty age 10 years + and families ( for younger children, some assistance from Adults will be required)


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It all starts with an unexpected letter from the Custodian of Unsolved Mysteries.

You have been nominated to help investigate one of our unsolved mysteries.

You will receive a series of artefacts and documents to examine.

If you choose to help, break the seal on the black envelope and commence your investigation.

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Diver searching for Atlantis

The investigation begins…

In 1930 a Marine Archaeologist recovered underwater artefacts from the wreckage of an Ancient Vessel.

These remnants will lead your investigator through the legends of Ancient Greece, uncovering relics, codes and clues in search of the Lost City of Atlantis.

Three mailings containing:

Photographs, postcards, letters, artefacts including an ancient coin, newspaper and magazine clippings, all interweaved with codes, cyphers and puzzles that, when solved, will reveal the location of the Lost City of Atlantis.

Who can play this detective game?

The codes and cyphers are designed for 10 years and above; children under 10 years old can play but may require supervision with some of the more intricate puzzles.

Also suitable for siblings or families with younger children who want to explore the adventure together.

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5 stars rating

“We would definitely recommend Mysterious Mail to anyone with an inquisitive child who loves a good mystery.
In a time where everything is becoming digital, it’s a real novelty for a child to get exciting mail through the post.
The documents and artefacts combined to make a really compelling experience!”
– DadGeek

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